Tail view of a twin-engine commercial airliner approaching close above the runway in the evening glow.
Key benefits

Innovative infrastructure with FL8SAFE

Benefits of the asphalt coating

Product properties

With state-of-the-art aircraft and cutting-edge electronics on board and on the ground, take-offs and landings are possible in practically all weather conditions. FL8SAFE ensures that runways and landing strips can also enjoy optimal conditions.

Micro and macro textures of the FL8SAFE asphalt coating.


FL8SAFE is particularly durable. Optimal substance maintenance of airport runways can prevent aggregate from coming loose and causing damage to engines. This prevents dreaded ‘foreign object debris’ (FOD) from being a factor.

Outstanding grip

Thanks to the outstanding grip properties of FL8SAFE, the rubber abrasion area in the touchdown zone are reduced by around 40 percent on runways and landing strips.

International guidelines

FL8SAFE is manufactured in accordance with the guidelines of the ‘ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual’ and with the requirements of the ‘Advisory Circular’ of the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the design of chipseal coatings.

Graphic showing the tyre grip advantage of FL8SAFE on a wet runway.

Coating structure

When aircraft are accelerating on a wet runway, friction loss and rolling resistance are minimised, while directional stability is enhanced. Thanks to the structure of the asphalt coating, icing is slower to occur and ice can be cleared away more quickly.

Micro and macro texture

Thanks to a balanced relationship between micro and macro structure, water can flow off unhindered. The risk of aquaplaning is significantly reduced, while the directional stability of aircraft is also increased.

Areas of application

Tail rudder of parking commercial airplane in an airport. Aircraft in the background moving on the tarmac towards sunset.


FL8SAFE ensures shorter runway occupancy times at aviation hubs.

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Standing private jet in half profile view on airfield in sunset red. Dramatic clouds and color play in the background.


FL8SAFE offers the very highest standards for the most demanding premium applications.

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Passengers board a twin-engine commercial aircraft in parking position via a mobile boarding ramp at sunset.


Regional airports can improve the availability of their runways thanks to FL8SAFE.

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Half profile view of parked military fighter plane in airport in sunshine.


FL8SAFE guarantees availability in all weather conditions and is fully reliable even in the case of extreme demands.

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