Construction worker overlooks a wide runway on a sunny day with blue sky. In the distance, construction vehicles are shrouded in dust.
FL8SAFE: the innovative coating

For all types of airports

An asphalt coating that increases the utilisation of runways

Billions of people travel through airports around the world each year. This is a challenge for airport operators – runways and landing strips need to be serviced and maintained regularly to keep them safe for traffic. On top of this, cleaning, expansions and upgrades are also required. FL8SAFE helps to minimise downtime and improve utilisation. The same applies for aviation hubs, regional airports, and military and premium aviation.

Areas of application

Tail rudder of parking commercial airplane in an airport. Aircraft in the background moving on the tarmac towards sunset.


FL8SAFE ensures shorter runway occupancy times at aviation hubs.

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Standing private jet in half profile view on airfield in sunset red. Dramatic clouds and color play in the background.


FL8SAFE offers the very highest standards for the most demanding premium applications.

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Passengers board a twin-engine commercial aircraft in parking position via a mobile boarding ramp at sunset.


Regional airports can improve the availability of their runways thanks to FL8SAFE.

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Half profile view of parked military fighter plane in airport in sunshine.


FL8SAFE guarantees availability in all weather conditions and is fully reliable even in the case of extreme demands.

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