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Benefits of antiskid coatings for runways


Short-term planning and individual requirements are particularly common in premium aviation. FL8SAFE plays a key role in ensuring that these conditions can be met. The durable and premium special asphalt coating can withstand heavy demands and extreme weather conditions. This guarantees high reliability and accurate planning.


Individual flexibility combined with maximum safety: this is possible thanks to FL8SAFE. Thanks to the special properties of the asphalt coating, it ensures excellent grip even in extreme weather conditions such as wet, slush, frozen hoar frost and ice. It also helps to maintains the directional stability of aircraft in crosswinds. This ensures safe take-offs and landings even in bad weather.

Operational benefit

FL8SAFE enables maximum freedom and individual planning. Thanks to the outstanding properties of the asphalt coating, runways and landing strips can be cleared even in adverse weather conditions. This means fewer flight cancellations. In addition, less frequent and shorter maintenance times mean that take-offs and landings can be planned reliably.

Environmental protection

FL8SAFE is particularly low-maintenance during winter. Thanks to the structure of the asphalt coating, icing is slower to occur and ice can be cleared away more quickly. This means that the use of de-icing agents can be reduced by up to 50 per cent, which is good news for the environment. FL8SAFE is recyclable, has been free of nonylphenol since 2022 and contains an ever-increasing amount of renewable materials. POSSEHL Spezialbau has been producing its special asphalt coating without tar since 1996.