Tail view of a twin-engine commercial airliner approaching close above the runway in the evening glow.
Better safety, profitability and sustainability

The innovative coating from POSSEHL

FL8SAFE: the coating for runways

The product of decades of development

Making optimal use of runways and landing strips, ensuring maximum safety and taking the environment into account – this is what FL8SAFE was developed for. The special thin asphalt and concrete coating reduces the risk of aquaplaning and improves the directional stability of aircraft. The coating retains its antiskid properties even when there is light snow and hoar frost. FL8SAFE also reduces the rubber abrasion left in touchdown areas of runways and landing strips. More effective utilisation, lower maintenance requirements and longer service life compared to conventional coatings ensure excellent cost-effectiveness and sustainability.


There is a long tradition behind FL8SAFE: in 1968, a NASA conference determined the essential properties of aircraft runways to guarantee the highest level of safety. Engineer and POSSEHL Spezialbau founder Walter Symmangk subsequently developed the special asphalt coating ANTISKID, from which FL8SAFE was developed. The product exceeds all regulatory requirements.

  1. POSSEHL Spezialbau coats the runway at Woensdrecht Air Base in the Netherlands

  2. A NASA conference determines the surface properties of aircraft runways; T ANTISKID coating installed at Soesterberg Air Base in the Netherlands

  3. T1 ANTISKID applied for the first time with overhead spraying

  4. ANTISKID coating installed for the first time at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

  5. ANTISKID coating installed for the first time at Brussels Airport (Zaventem)

  6. B ANTISKID tar-free coating installed for the first time at Leeuwarden Air Base in the Netherlands

  7. The Belgian Road Research Centre in Brussels proves that ANTISKID saves on de-icing agent usage

  8. Ban on tar in European law on construction materials; T1 ANTISKID coating installed at Athens Airport; POSSEHL Spezialbau builds its new machine park

  9. EP ANTISKID coating installed for the first time at Dortmund Airport during night-time work (to maintain regular flight operations)

  10. Last time a coating using tar used with T1 ANTISKID

  11. Measurements by the Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) at Enschede Airport Twente confirm that wet runways coated with EP ANTISKID may be considered dry

  12. 50 years of ANTISKID

  13. After negative experiences with grooving, Brussels Airport returns to EP ANTISKID; Amsterdam Airport Schiphol installs EP ANTISKID

  14. EP ANTISKID is now free of nonylphenol

  15. Launch of an enhanced product under the new FL8SAFE brand; development of a specific de-icing material for FL8SAFE

Areas of application

Tail rudder of parking commercial airplane in an airport. Aircraft in the background moving on the tarmac towards sunset.


FL8SAFE ensures shorter runway occupancy times at aviation hubs.

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Standing private jet in half profile view on airfield in sunset red. Dramatic clouds and color play in the background.


FL8SAFE offers the very highest standards for the most demanding premium applications.

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Passengers board a twin-engine commercial aircraft in parking position via a mobile boarding ramp at sunset.


Regional airports can improve the availability of their runways thanks to FL8SAFE.

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Half profile view of parked military fighter plane in airport in sunshine.


FL8SAFE guarantees availability in all weather conditions and is fully reliable even in the case of extreme demands.

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The FL8SAFE brand

Maximum performance through technical innovation

Good was not good enough, so POSSEHL Spezialbau continued to enhance and adapt its special asphalt coating over the course of several decades. Today, FL8SAFE brings the highest level of performance to airports all over the world.


FL8SAFE exceeds all applicable aviation standards. It enables safe take-offs and landings in practically all weather conditions. This helps with and ensures financial and operational planning.


Due to its excellent properties and processing, FL8SAFE can withstand extreme demands. Intensive use, chemical exposure and extreme weather conditions pose no problem to this coating.


Thanks to the long service life of FL8SAFE, it is also impressive from an environmental perspective. The use of de-icing agents is considerably reduced. This means that significantly fewer chemicals are released into the environment.


FL8SAFE ensures effective utilisation, as take-offs and landings are possible even in extreme weather conditions. Maintenance and cleaning work are kept to a minimum.